Rebecca & Daniel - Testimonial

Hi everyone at Wedding's at Tiffany's! (Grab a chair and a cup of tea, this is no one-liner!)

We have officially settled into glorious married life, and of course had to give a special mention to all of the beautiful people at Tiffany's who made our Wedding day one of the most truly memorable days of our lives! 

Firstly, to Kelly- It's very rare you actually get to interact with the owner of the business, and we were so super impressed with you. You were there from day 1 when we booked, and 18 months later, you were there for me right before I walked down the aisle. Kelly we cannot thank you enough, you are so excellent at what you do, and you truly do care about every couple that crosses your path. You are such a warm and beautiful person, and it was so refreshing to see someone so passionate about what they do. I remember on our rehearsal day- you asked us where we were staying up in Maleny, and we told you and also let you know that we were disappointed in the place we had booked because there was mould everywhere and we had a family member going through cancer treatment and them breathing in nasties was just another thing we were worrying about. We also didn't think it we would be able to find any accommodation 2 days before the Wedding for 14 people, but you said you weren't having any bride of yours and their family staying anywhere that is less than perfect- you asked us how many people we needed accommodation for, and through some miracle- you found us somewhere on such short notice and it was so incredible- this is the type of thing I'm talking about. You went so far beyond what I could have ever comprehended, and you constantly blew us out of the water. You make such a huge difference to so many couples lives and I hope you are so proud of everything you have accomplished. You deserve every ounce of success that comes your way, and we hope you know how truly grateful we are to have had the privilege to be married at Wedding's at Tiffany's- we will never forget you, and next time we are in the area, I have a huge hug waiting for you!

To the staff- some special mentions to Jacinta, Jake,  Lee, Nat and the floor staff! Jacinta you have been so super helpful, not one single request or email we sent you went unanswered, and not one single request was turned down- you were so incredibly wonderful! It was hard to organise a wedding living in another state and you did all of the leg work for us- you made the planning so easy!- thank you so much!

To Jake- Jake we were only introduced to you (via email as we live interstate of course) a few months prior to the Wedding, and even though we hadn't had the pleasure of knowing you for the whole 18 months of planning- I cannot tell you how impressed with you I am! It was in the last few months of course where all the stress happens, and it was a time where I needed someone reliable because we lived 3000kms away. So much time and effort had gone into our big day, and with every email you sent me, you were so reassuring and I knew we were in good hands. You are an incredible young man, and we are so thankful we had the pleasure in working with you. Ps: Here is an example to the people who read this of how awesome Jake is! - I was about to walk down the aisle and was standing to the side while the bridesmaids walked down (I was out of view from the guests)- I told Jake I was super nervous and so my mouth was really dry, and he ran back up to the office to grab me a mint!!! Jake, it is the small touches like this, that truly make a difference- I actually do not have the words to tell you how thankful I am. I hope we get the pleasure to see you again and thank you in person! (Kelly, give this man a promotion!) 

Also to the head Chef Lee, and of course the fantastic floor staff- Lee you personally came out to see us on the night to make sure everything was going well. We were just wow'd by you Lee! The food was honestly the most delicious and fresh food we had had in a long time! I have no idea how you make that many meals at such great quality- a true work of art! We also had quite a few people with special dietary requirements, and every single one of those people came up to us and said that more often than not, they are left frustrated and often hungry at the limited options available to them at events they had attended in the past. We had requirements ranging from a nut allergy to friends who were vegans, and each person was so grateful that they were so easily accommodated for, not one person was left hungry/ thirsty or frustrated at our Wedding day and a huge thanks goes to you and your team for that Lee. One of my Bridesmaids said to me that she was so grateful she didn't have to bring her own food from home for once! Guests also spoke of their appreciation of the small things like their water glasses never being empty. Thank you so much Lee and crew!! :) 

And last but certainly not least- to Nat the Maitre D,  my Mum is still raving about you Nat! The night went so smoothly because of your attention to detail- you are so so so fantastic at what you do!!!!!! Little things that came up during the night, Daniel and I had absolutely no idea, and I was the most care free Bride, not a trouble in the world! You ironed out all of the small wrinkles and had such wonderful communication with my mum (who is also a very keen organiser!), she felt so involved with all of the decisions and we are so grateful you were there for us on the night Nat. Big hugs are being sent your way!!! xo 

Daniel is telling me as I write this that even the computer doesn't stop me from rambling on, so I best start to wrap this up!- Thank you guys again, you have all given us such a great start in our marriage by giving us the most beautiful memories of the best day of our lives so far. 

We can't wait to come and visit you guys, and we know there are many of our friends en-route to Wedding's at Tiffany's because we can't stop talking about you all. 

Thanks again guys! Catch you all on the flip side! xo

Rebecca and Daniel